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Minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Meteoritical Society


Held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday, ਍ഀ March 14, 1999.

Present: M. Drake (President), G. Kurat ਍ഀ (Vice President), D. Stöfler (Past President), E. Scott (Secretary), L. Grossman ਍ഀ (Treasurer), A. Davis, W. Hartmann, T. McCoy, U. Reimold, L. Schultz, P. ਍ഀ Warren.
Guests: M. Lipschutz (items 4-6), M. Wadhwa (item 7), G. ਍ഀ Consolmagno (item 7) R. Scorzelli (item 7), T. Stephan (item 7), J. Goldstein ਍ഀ (item 7), D. Sears (item 5).
Absent: P. Jakes and B. Zanda. Zanda ਍ഀ voted by proxy on motions in items 5 and 7. ਍ഀ

1. Introduction
The President warmly thanked the Past President and ਍ഀ other officers of the last Council for their outstanding services to the ਍ഀ Society.਍ഀ

2. Minutes and approval of Agenda.
The Minutes of the last meeting, ਍ഀ which had been circulated by the Past Secretary were approved. There were no ਍ഀ matters arising.਍ഀ

3. Publications Committee
3.1. The President reported that the ਍ഀ Joint Publications Committee had unanimously recommended to the Geochemical and ਍ഀ Meteoritical Societies that F. Podosek be appointed as the next Editor of GCA to ਍ഀ succeed Karl Turekian (Apendix 1).
Motion: Council approves the ਍ഀ nomination of F. Podosek as Editor of GCA for a three-year period commencing on ਍ഀ January 1 2000 (Davis; unanimous).
Podosek will be invited to future Council ਍ഀ meetings. [The Geochemical Society has also approved Podosek's nomination ਍ഀ according to M. Drake, 4.5.99.]
3.2. The President reported that the current ਍ഀ six-month delay in the production of GCA had been caused by problems in the ਍ഀ production office. Elsevier will be moving the production office to New York in ਍ഀ 1999 and hope that the production schedule will be back to normal by mid-1999.਍ഀ

4. Treasurer's Report
4.1. The Treasurer circulated a statement of ਍ഀ income and expenses for 1998 (Apendix 2). The transition from the past Treasurer ਍ഀ had gone smoothly. The Society will continue to pay a low commission for visa ਍ഀ payments of annual dues as the favorable arrangements negociated by the Past ਍ഀ Treasurer with Bank Boston would be continued.
4.2. After some discussion ਍ഀ about the actual number of paid-up members, the Council directed the Treasurer ਍ഀ to write letters to all members who have failed to pay their annual dues. ਍ഀ
[The Society's policy according to Hazel Sears, the MAPS Managing Editor, is ਍ഀ to remove members from the MAPS mailing list if they have not paid their annual ਍ഀ dues by May 31. Thus delinquent members receive the January, March and May ਍ഀ issues before they are removed from the mailing list. The constitution says ਍ഀ delinquent members should be removed after April 1 but Hazel Sears says that ਍ഀ this proved to be horribly inefficient in terms of office workloads and mailing ਍ഀ costs because of the large number of members who paid after the ਍ഀ deadline.]
4.3. The membership application form should be modified:
a) ਍ഀ Optional air shipment outside US: $15: change U.S. to U.S. and ਍ഀ Canada.
b) The requirement that applicants be nominated by two members ਍ഀ would be discontinued.
4.4. The Treasurer reported that ~$12K had been ਍ഀ donated to the "Pellas Memorial."
Action: the Secretary will contact B. Zanda ਍ഀ and G. Wasserburg asking them to compose a letter to the Director of the Musee ਍ഀ d'Histoire Naturelle from the President to accompany the check for the proceeds ਍ഀ of the "Pellas Memorial".
4.5. The Treasurer recommended that the Society ਍ഀ consider whether Treasurers should take office in the middle of the year. ਍ഀ

5. Meteoritics & Planetary Science
5.1. Finances. The ਍ഀ MAPS budget for 1995-2000 had been circulated to the Council by M. Lipschutz ਍ഀ (Appendix 4). The $27K deficit in 1998 had been caused mainly by the hiring of ਍ഀ new office staff and an increase in the number of pages from 1012 to 1368. ਍ഀ Lipschutz noted with concern that although the total number of pages was ਍ഀ expected to decrease in 1999, a similar deficit was predicted. After much ਍ഀ discussion on the size of the increase in the library rate for 2000, it was ਍ഀ finally decided that as a temporary measure, a portion of the Elsevier royalties ਍ഀ would be used to balance the MAPS budget for 1999 and 2000; the remainder would ਍ഀ go to the Endowment Fund.
Motion. The Council proposes to raise the ਍ഀ MAPS library rate for 2000 from $360 to $550 (Hartmann, seconded Warren; 2 ਍ഀ against, carried).
The MAPS Editor will compose a letter to librarians ਍ഀ explaining the need for the increase in the library subscription rate. The ਍ഀ Council instructed the Treasurer to balance the MAPS budget for 2001 and ਍ഀ successive years without using any Elsevier royalties.
5.2. Editor's ਍ഀ report. Sears reported that the current submission rate of papers is above ਍ഀ that needed to support monthly publication. The possibility of simultaneous ਍ഀ publication of electronic publication was briefly discussed. Sears was asked to ਍ഀ submit a detailed recommendation to the Joint Publication Committee so that the ਍ഀ Council could consider the matter at its next meeting. Sears suggested that the ਍ഀ Annual Meeting organizers be informed that the $35 abstract charge is actually a ਍ഀ charge for the meeting abstract volume, which should be paid by all ਍ഀ registrants.
Motion: The instructions to Annual Meeting organizers ਍ഀ should be revised to state that "the registration fee (except for guests) ਍ഀ includes a charge for the MAPS abstract volume (currently $35) that is remitted ਍ഀ to the Treasurer." (Hartmann, seconded Grossman; unanimous).
5.3. The ਍ഀ President praised Sears for his continued drive to raise the quality and ਍ഀ prestige of MAPS.
Motion: The Council moves to reappoint Sears as the ਍ഀ Editor of MAPS for a four-year term starting on January 1, 2000 (Hartmann, ਍ഀ seconded McCoy, unanimous).
The President asked Sears to let him know within ਍ഀ a month whether he wishes to continue as Editor.਍ഀ

6. Investments Committee
Lipschutz reported on the investments that ਍ഀ had been made by the Investments Committee (Appendix 5). The rules submitted by ਍ഀ the Committee at the last meeting were approved except that the third sentence ਍ഀ of rule 5 was revised for clarity: "The Executive Committee of the Council may ਍ഀ approve small grants (<$500), if time constraints dictate."਍ഀ

7. Society Annual Meetings
7.1. 1999 Johannesburg (Reimold). ਍ഀ 50 people have already registered for the meeting. Reimold hoped that over 250 ਍ഀ would attend but he had budgeted for 200 and hoped to break even if 150 people ਍ഀ attended. The Treasurer approved the budget for the meeting. It had proved ਍ഀ necessary to charge an abstract fee of $35 instead of including this charge in ਍ഀ the registration fee to ensure that abstract charges could be transmitted to the ਍ഀ Treasurer after the meeting. Updated information about personal security at the ਍ഀ meeting had been added to the meeting website.
7.2. 2000 Chicago ਍ഀ (Wadhwa and Davis). The Chicago meeting had been rescheduled to August 28 to ਍ഀ September 1 to take advantage of better hotel room rates in August. It will be ਍ഀ held in the beautiful and historic Intercontinental Hotel and the registration ਍ഀ fee was expected to be about $300. Room rates of $120 (single or double ਍ഀ including all taxes) had been negotiated for the meeting and three days before ਍ഀ and after. The poster session will be held at the University of Chicago. ਍ഀ Scientific sessions will be held in adjacent hotel meeting rooms as at the Maui ਍ഀ meeting.
Motion: The Council moves to approve the membership of the ਍ഀ Program Committee for the Chicago meeting (Scott, unanimous).
7.3. 2001 ਍ഀ Rome (Consolmagno). The site of the meeting has been changed from the ਍ഀ Pontifical Academy of Sciences to the Gregorian Pontifical University, which is ਍ഀ technically in the city of Rome though administered by the Vatican. New hotels ਍ഀ will be needed as the site is close to the center of historic Rome. Dates are ਍ഀ unchanged: September 10-14.
7.4. 2002 Southern California. Warren ਍ഀ reported that J. Wasson is not able to reserve meeting space until January 1, ਍ഀ 2000. Wasson was asked to report to Council in March 2000 on the arrangements. ਍ഀ The likely dates are 21-26 July.
7.5. 2003 and 2004. Formal ਍ഀ invitations had been received from the Physics Institute in Rio de Janeiro, ਍ഀ Brazil (Rosa Scorzelli) and from the Institute for Planetology in M・ster, ਍ഀ Germany (Elmar Jessberger).
Motion: Council votes to accept the ਍ഀ invitation to M・ster for the Annual Meeting in 2003 (Hartmann; ਍ഀ unanimous).
Motion: Council votes to accept the invitation to Rio de ਍ഀ Janeiro for the Annual Meeting in 2004 (Hartmann; 2 against, ਍ഀ carried).
Invitations from Tucson and Zurich for the Annual Meetings in 2005 ਍ഀ will be considered at a future Council meeting.਍ഀ

8. Nomenclature Committee
8.1. The report of from the Chair, T. ਍ഀ McCoy was noted (Appendix 8).
8.2. The need for revisions to the Bylaws for ਍ഀ the Nomenclature Committee was discussed. The proposed revisions had been ਍ഀ circulated to Council prior to the meeting.
Motion: Council moves to ਍ഀ accept the proposed revisions to the Bylaws ਍ഀ (McCoy; unanimous).਍ഀ

9. President's Report
The President proposed that the membership of ਍ഀ the Nominating Committee to nominate people for the next Council should be T. ਍ഀ Dickinson, M. Grady, L. Leshin, G. MacPherson, H. McSween, and R. ਍ഀ Taylor.
Motion: Council moves to accept the proposed Nominating ਍ഀ Committee (Grossman, seconded Reimold; unanimous).
[After the Council meeting ਍ഀ was held, the President requested that Dickinson be appointed to chair the ਍ഀ Committee as MacPherson had declined to act as chair. The Council approved this ਍ഀ by email vote.]਍ഀ

10. Secretary's Report
The Secretary noted that Paul Benoit had ਍ഀ updated the Society website and would be including all the committee membership ਍ഀ lists. Roy Clarke is kindly updating the list of current and past Fellows that ਍ഀ was published in the last Newsletter. He estimated that about 150 past Fellows ਍ഀ had been omitted਍ഀ

11. Any Other Business
There was no further business and the ਍ഀ meeting closed at 7.40 p.m.਍ഀ

Ed Scott
4 April 1999