Minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Meteoritical Society

Held at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa at 1.00 p.m., Sunday, July 11, 1999.

Present: M. Drake (President), G. Kurat (Vice President), E. Scott (Secretary), L. Grossman (Treasurer, item 10), A. Davis, U. Reimold, L. Schultz, P. Warren.
Guests: M. Lipschutz (items 8-10), G. Consolmagno (item 3), A. Deutsch (item 5), D. Sears (item 9), D. Kring (item 8).
Absent: D. Stöffler (Past President), W. Hartmann, P. Jakes, T. McCoy, and B. Zanda.

1. Minutes and approval of Agenda.
The Minutes of the last meeting were approved. There were no matters arising.

2. Publications Committee
2.1. The President presented Editor-designate F. A. Podosek's report to Council (Appendix 1). Podosek reported that he was re-instituting the Associate Editor system for evaluating manuscripts. Podosek requested Council's opinion on two items:
2.2. Podosek proposed that back volumes of GCA should be put on CD-ROM's (similar to those used for the LPSC abstracts) and distributed to individual member subscribers. Some doubts were expressed about the lifetime of CD-ROM's but the Council supported the idea in principle provided that GCA subscribers financed it and there was no cost to the Meteoritical Society.
2.3. Publication of Goldschmidt Conference abstracts in a special issue of GCA. Podosek proposed to formulate a detailed plan after consultation with MAPS and the Joint Publication Committtee. The Council had no objection to this suggestion provided that all the expenses were charged to the conference attendees and the Geochemical Society.

3. Society Annual Meetings
3.1. 1999 Johannesburg (Reimold). 250 people were registered for the meeting including 35 guests. 137 abstracts were selected for oral presentation and 70 as posters. Over 30 student travel awards had been made from the $15K provided by the Barringer Crater Company and $3.8K from the $8K provided by the Meteoritical Society. Reimold hoped that some part of the $3.8K could be returned to the Society from meeting profits. By the end of the meeting, six of the seven planned field excursions would have taken place. The Council unanimously thanked Reimold for his considerable efforts in organizing such a successful meeting.
3.2. 2000 Chicago (Davis). The Chicago meeting will be held in the historic Intercontinental Hotel from August 28 to September 1. Scientific sessions will be held in adjacent hotel meeting rooms as at the Maui meeting. The welcome reception will be held at the Field Museum and the poster session at the University of Chicago, preceded by a barbecue. The banquet will be at the Adler Planetarium. Different options will be offered for the Wednesday excursions. The Field Museum has offered $20K if the University of Chicago matched this sum. Registration fees might be as low as $240 if both these gifts are received.
3.3. 2001 Rome (Consolmagno). The meeting will be held at the Gregorian Pontifical University in the heart of historic Rome on September 10-14. A travel agency will help with hotel bookings, transportation and social events.

4. Report of Leonard Medal Committee
4.1. Leonard Medal. The report of the Leonard Medal Committee from the Chair (Papike) had been circulated with the minutes of the last meeting (Appendix 2).
Motion: Council moves to accept the recommendation of the Leonard Medal Committee that the Leonard Medal be awarded next year to G. Lugmair (Warren, seconded Davis; unanimous).
4.2 Nier Prize. The recommendations of the Leonard Medal Committee had been circulated previously (Appendix 2).
Motion: Council moves to accept the recommendation of the Leonard Medal Committee that the Nier Prize be awarded next year to M. Wadhwa (Warren, seconded Davis; unanimous).

5. Report of the Barringer Award Committee
The Barringer Committee's report by the Chair (Grieve) had been circulated to Council before the meeting (Appendix 3).
Motion: Council moves to accept the recommendation of the Barringer Award Committee that the Award be presented next year to Ralph Baldwin (Reimold, seconded Warren; unanimous).

6. President's Report
The President had no further business to report.

7. Secretary's Report
The Secretary noted that Paul Benoit had continued to update the Society's website, which has a new address: www.uark.edu/metsoc/. Recommendations for the Nominating committee for the 2001-2002 Council should be forwarded to the chair, Tammy Dickinson, as soon as possible. Contributions for the next Society Newsletter should be sent to Scott before September 1 by meeting organizers (Reimold and Davis), Society officers (Drake, Grossman), and Editors (Sears and Podosek). Other contributions to the Newsletter are also welcome.

8. Investments Committee
8.1. Lipschutz reported on the investments that had been made by the Investments Committee. The total asset value on June 30 was $180K, cf. $164K on March 30. The Annual Report of the Investments Committee (Appendix 4) had been circulated prior to the meeting.
8.2. The Committee reported that the income from the Nier Prize endowment was ~$3K per year and recommended to Council that the value of the Nier Prize be increased.
Motion. The Council accepts the Committee's recommendation to increase the Nier Prize award to $2,000 effective this year (Scott, seconded Kurat, unanimous).
8.3. The Committee proposed establishing an annual award with the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America for the best student paper in the field of meteoritics (those fields listed on the MAPS cover). The Meteoritical Society would provide $500 for each award and the Planetary Geology Division would provide a plaque and coordinate judging. David Kring (vice-chair of the Planetary Geology Division) suggested that a judging panel with representatives of both Societies would assess nominated, peer-reviewed papers. Although several concerns were raised on detailed issues (e.g., overlap with the Nier Prize), the Council generally favored the proposal.
Motion: Council approves the suggestion of an award for best student paper and authorizes the President to appoint an ad-hoc committee to propose By-laws and guidelines for such an award (Davis, seconded Kurat; unanimous).

9. Meteoritics & Planetary Science
9.1. Finances. The MAPS budget for 2000 presented by M. Lipschutz predicts a loss of $8K, even after the institutional increases. After much discussion about ways to ameliorate dues increases for poorer members, the Council concluded that the dues for next year should be raised to help balance the MAPS budget.
Motion. The Council proposes to raise the dues for members in 2000 to $90 from $80 and for student members from $35 to $45 (Davis, seconded Schultz; 1 abstention, carried).
9.2. Proposal for electronic version of MAPS. Sears outlined a proposal from the Editorial Board of MAPS to produce an electronic version of the journal (Appendix 5). He anticipated that an electronic version would require no additional funds or other resources for the MAPS offices. Access to the electronic version would be by a password issued by the Treasurer to members and libraries when they paid their subscriptions and dues.
Motion. The Council approves the Editor's recommendation for an electronic version of MAPS provided that it requires no additional funds or resources (Davis, seconded Warren; unanimous).
The Council endorsed in principle Sears' proposal to go to monthly issues when the journal has operated without a deficit for two years provided that the flow of incoming papers is adequate.

10. Treasurer's Report
10.1. The Treasurer reported on the results of his campaign to obtain dues from delinquent members (Appendix 6). 367 letters had been sent out to people who had not paid their dues for 1998 or 1999. About half the recipients sent money: $9.1K in 1999 dues and 4.9K in 1998 dues. People who had not paid by May 31 were removed from the Society's mailing list. The number of members has increased to 953 from 900 at the end of 1998.
10.2. The budget for 1999 would be affected by several additional expenses: $965 incurred by the previous Treasurer, $5K administrative assistance for the Treasurer, $4.5K for the 1998 deficit at MAPS, $809 in visa fees, $4K in travel awards, $2.8K for six new Leonard Medals. Additional income included $1200 from A. Southgate for student travel, $1924 in interest, and dues for 1998 and 1999 from the membership drive. Grossman anticipated that the net effect would be to increase the 1999 deficit by $6K to $31K.
The President had previously circulated by email a number of measures that the Treasurer considered essential in order to get the Society's finances on an even keel. The proposed changes were not acceptable to the Editor of MAPS. Extensive discussions indicated that Grossman's vision for the Society's fiscal policy was not consistent with those of other Council members.
Motion. The Council thanks Larry Grossman for his considerable service to the Society and regretfully accepts his resignation (Kurat, seconded Warren; unanimous).

11. Any Other Business
There was no further business and the meeting closed at 5.10 p.m.

An additional Council meeting was held at 1.15-1.30 p.m., July 15.
Present: M. Drake, G. Kurat, E. Scott, L. Grossman, A. Davis, U. Reimold, P. Warren.
Motion: Council appoints the Deputy Treasurer, Gregory Herzog, as Treasurer for the remainder of L. Grossman's term (Warren, seconded Kurat; unanimous).
Motion: Council appoints Roger Hewins as Deputy Treasurer (Warren, seconded Kurat; unanimous).

Ed Scott
2 August 1999