Minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Meteoritical Society

Held at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, at 1.00 p.m. on Sunday, August 27, 2000.

Present: M. Drake (President), G. Kurat (Vice President), D. Stöffler (Past President), E. Scott (Secretary), G. Herzog (Treasurer), A. Davis, P. Jakes, T. McCoy, U. Reimold, L. Schultz, P. Warren, B. Zanda.
Guests: A. Brearley, D. Britt, G. Consolmagno, T. Dickinson, G. Huss, C. Koeberl, H. McSween, F. Podosek, S. Russell, D. Sears, H. Sears, T. Swindle, M. Wadhwa.
Absent: W. Hartmann.

1. Introduction
The President welcomed the new Officers and Councilors of the 2001-2 Council who were attending as guests and congratulated Gary Huss on his election as Vice President. Mike Drake thanked Greg Herzog for serving as Treasurer and welcomed his successor, Tim Swindle.

2. Minutes, Matters arising, and Approval of Agenda
The Minutes of the last meeting, which had been circulated, were approved. Ed Scott noted that item 8 in the minutes needed further action. In her letter to the Council, which was not available during the discussions in Houston, Ursula Marvin requested $4K for travel funds in her proposal to the Council, not $3K as reported by the Investments Committee. The Council unanimously approved a change in the sum allocated to Ursula Marvin from $3K to $4K from the Endowment Fund.

3. Society Annual Meetings
2000 Chicago. Andrew Davis and Mini Wadhwa reported that 325 abstracts had been submitted for the meeting: 185 had been accepted for oral presentation and 113 for posters. Some authors requesting oral presentations had been assigned to the poster session. A profit of ~$12K was anticipated.
2001 Vatican City (September 10-14). Dan Britt gave a presentation with overheads (Appendix 1) on the plans for the Rome meeting. A provisional schedule for the meeting allowed for oral sessions from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm and 4:00-7:00 pm with posters on two evenings. The program committee will be chaired by Britt and will meet at the University of Tennessee. There will be a large space for posters between the lecture rooms. A website with further details will be available soon at the University of Tennessee. [It's up already at http://geoweb.gg.utk.edu/2001/metsoc2001.html.
2002 Southern California (July 21-26). Although arrangements had been made to hold the meeting at UC Santa Barbara, Paul Warren had been investigating whether UCLA would be a better site. He outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each site and requested input from council members. A decision would be made within a few weeks.

4. Secretary's Report
Ed Scott reported that the election for Vice-President was very close: 209 members voted for Joe Goldstein and 224 for Gary Huss. There were also 6 late votes. The Council for 2001-2002 will be Gero Kurat (President), Gary R. Huss (Vice-President), Mike Drake (Past President), Ed Scott (Secretary), Tim Swindle (Treasurer), Councilors: Adrian Brearley, Pat Cassen, Christian Koeberl, Timothy McCoy, Marc Norman, Uwe Reimold, Sara Russell, Meenakshi Wadhwa.

5. Committee on Constitutional Changes
The committee composed of Gero Kurat (chair), Ed Scott, Dieter Stöffler, and Brigitte Zanda had mailed their provisional report to Council earlier (Appendix 2a). A letter from Ursula Marvin (Appendix 2b) had also been emailed to Council. To help resolve the issue of whether to change the procedures for electing the Vice-President, the committee met at 9 am on August 27. It was concluded that there was much support for the present procedures for electing Vice-Presidents and that any major change would probably not receive the approval of two-thirds of the members, as required for Constitutional changes. Some improvements in the efficiency of the selection process might be made by adding a Bylaw and writing guidelines for the selection of Nominating Committee members, Officers and Councilors.
Three minor changes to the first paragraph of Article 3.3 were proposed to give the Nomination Committee more time for its deliberations, to increase the Committee members to six, and to specify in more detail how the members and chair should be selected. (Proposed additions in italics; proposed deletions in brackets.)
An election of Officers and Councilors of the Society shall be held each even-numbered year. Nominations for Officers and Councilors shall be prepared by a Nominating Committee of [five] six members. The members and chair [which] shall be proposed by the President following consultations with other members of the Executive Committeeand approved by Council prior to [May 1] April 1 of each odd-numbered year and shall hold office until the close of the next election.
Motion: the Council approves the proposed changes to the first paragraph of Article 3.3 (Scott, seconded Reimold: 10 in favor, 1 abstention).
The other proposed changes were all listed in the preliminary report of the Committee to Council (Appendix 2a) and were based on discussions with other members of the Council and the Society. Article 1.2, which lists the goals of the Society, has not been updated for a long time. The Committee discussed simply extending the list of topics studied by adding those on the front cover of MAPS. However, simpler wording was favored by most of the members consulted:
The purpose of this Society shall be to promote research and education in planetary science with emphasis on studies of meteorites and other [samples of] extraterrestrial materials that further our understanding of [and their relation to] the origin and history of the solar system. [Additional areas of interest include the investigation of meteors, micrometeorites, impact features, tektites and planetary surfaces.]
Motion: Council approves the proposed change to Article 1.2 of the Constitution (Scott, seconded Zanda, unanimously approved).
A small change was proposed to the second sentence of Article 5.2 to ensure that proposed changes in the Bylaws can be circulated to council by email.
Any proposed amendment of the Bylaws shall be [prepared in written form and circulated] mailed to the Council at least one month before a regular meeting.
Motion: the Council approves the proposed changes to the second sentence of Article 5,2 (Reimold, seconded Davis; unanimously approved).
Since new Bylaws would be proposed to amplify Article 3.3 of the Constitution, it seemed wise to move the paragraph about procedures to be followed if three or more candidates were nominated for one position, which had been approved at the last council meeting, to the Bylaws.
Motion: the Council approves the transfer to the Bylaws of the proposed paragraph about procedures to be followed if three or more candidates are nominated for one position (Scott, seconded Zanda; unanimously approved).

6. Best Student Paper Award
The Bylaw for this new award (Appendix 3a), which had already been circulated to the Council was approved unanimously (Reimold, seconded Davis).
Dan Britt distributed proposed guidelines for the award at the Council meeting (Appendix 3b) and reported that other scientific societies had not expressed an interest in sponsoring the award. The proposed members of the selection committee from the Meteoritical Society are I. Gilmour, E. Jessberger, and M. Lindstrom. The proposed members of the Planetary Geology Division of the GSA are D. Britt (chair), M. Rutherford and J. Zimbelman. Nominations for the first award, which will be presented next year, should be sent to the proposed chair, Britt, or the secretary.

7. GCA Editor's Report
Frank Podosek presented his report (Appendix 4). The GCA editorial office is now fully staffed with an Editor and two full-time staff. Podosek noted that the CD containing the 1998 GCA papers was ready for distribution pending the resolution of license and copyright issues with Elsevier. Funds for the CD were obtained from overpayments by subscribing members of the Geochemical and Meteoritical Societies in 1998. (The overpayments arose because Elsevier lowered the technical price after subscriptions had been paid.) The office in St.Louis would begin preparing the 1999 CD when funds had been identified and the two Societies had approved.
At present any credit card costs of processing members subscriptions are born by the Societies. Podosek suggested that the price paid by members should be raised by a few dollars to recover these costs. Drake asked Podosek to refer this issue and the funding of the 1999 CD to the Joint Publications Committee, which is chaired by Gary Sposito.

8. Meteoritics & Planetary Science Editor's Report
Derek Sears presented the Editor's report (Appendix 5a). In answer to the Council's request for guidelines on the acceptance of advertising in MAPS, Sears presented a policy statement that had been approved by the Associate Editors.
Motion: The Council accepts the policy statement on the acceptance of advertisements in MAPS for a one-year experiment. (Warren, seconded Kurat; unanimously approved).
Gift subscriptions of MAPS: Since 1994, about 11 libraries in former Eastern bloc countries have received gift subscriptions to MAPS funded almost entirely through the generosity of the Barringer Crater Company (Appendix 5b). One half subscription has also been donated by Gerry Wasserburg. Unfortunately, the Barringer Crater Company was not able to continue their support for this year because of the increasing library subscription rates. The Council unanimously approved the Editor's decision to continue mailing gift subscriptions to MAPS this year to these institutions.
The Council discussed the Editor's request to establish a program for matching donations for subscriptions to libraries in the CIS and ex-Warsaw pact countries. McSween raised two concerns of the Investments Committee. Are there more deserving libraries in Africa, India, and other countries? Is the current system fair? Sears pointed out that one institution had already resumed payment for MAPS this year. Several Council members discussed possible reduced rates for libraries in poorer countries. The advantages of supporting subscriptions to libraries, rather than to individuals, were discussed. The Council unanimously agreed to set up a committee to address these issues: Reimold (chair), Herzog, D. Sears, H. Sears, Stöffler and Swindle.
Action: The Committee will advise the Council about 1) whether the gift library subscription scheme should be expanded to other countries, 2) if expanded, how should the most deserving libraries be identified, 3) what rate should be established for such libraries, 4) how should the scheme be administered? Hazel Sears, the Managing Editor of MAPS, currently handles this scheme.
Sears noted that the Associate Editors supported the continued publication of the Meteoritical Bulletin in MAPS, despite the Editor's misgivings.
Monthly publication: Sears presented MAPS financial data for the years 1992-2001 (Appendix 5c) and requested that the Council consider publishing MAPS monthly in 2001. This issue was tabled until the Treasurer's report had been discussed (item 9 below). The Council had agreed in principle to monthly publication when the publication rate and finances were favorable. Sears suggested that the submissions were more than adequate and that MAPS should be back in the black next year. Librarians would soon be notified about another big increase for 2001 and monthly publication would help to assuage any concerns about the increasing costs of MAPS. There were lengthy discussions about the wisdom of going to monthly publication before MAPS had been in the black for two consecutive years.
Motion: the Council approves monthly publication of MAPS in 2001 or 2002 (Schultz, seconded Zanda: unanimously approved).
Motion: the Council approves the Editor's request to publish MAPS monthly in 2001 (Scott, seconded Davis: 8 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstention).

9. Treasurer's Report
Greg Herzog presented a report for the period, January 1, 2000 to June 30, 2000 (Appendix 6), which had been revised slightly from the version mailed to Council members. He explained his report and recommended a small increase in the dues for 2001. The student rate is currently half the member rate and it seemed advisable to maintain this relationship.
Motion: the Council approves raising dues for 2001 for members from $90 to $98 and for students from $45 to $49 (Herzog, seconded Warren: 10 in favor, 1 abstention).
The council discussed Herzog's recommendation to transfer only part of the Elsevier royalties for GCA to the Endowment Fund.
Motion: the Council approves the Treasurer's recommendation to transfer $20K of Elsevier royalties to the Endowment Fund (Herzog, seconded Scott: passed unanimously).
The details of the transfer of Elsevier royalties and gifts to the Endowment Fund were left to the Treasurer's discretion. Herzog's suggestion that the Council should ask the Treasurer to recommend a sum to be transferred to the Endowment Fund at future summer Council meetings was approved.
At present the Endowment Funds are under the joint control of the Treasurer and Investments Committee chair. Herzog recommended that direct signatory authority for the Endowment Funds be moved to the Treasurer's office and McSween who chairs the Investments Committee agreed with this.
Motion: all Endowment Funds shall be placed under direct signatory authority of the Treasurer (Herzog, seconded Zanda: unanimously approved).
The Council unanimously approved the appointment of Dave Kring as Deputy Treasurer for Tim Swindle after January 1, 2001.

10. Investments Committee
The report of the Invcstments Committee (Appendix 7) was noted. Transfer of funds to the Endowment Fund had already been approved (item 9).

11. Leonard Medal Committee Report
The chair of the Leonard Medal Committee, John Wasson, presented the Committee's report, which had been mailed to all members (Appendix 8). The other Committee members were Jessberger, Krahenbuhl, Crozaz, and Keil.
Motion: The Council accepts the recommendation of the LMC that the 2001 Leonard Medal be presented to Harry Y. McSween, Jr. (Warren, seconded Stöffler: passed unanimously).
Motion: The Council accepts the recommendation of the LMC that the 2001 Nier Prize be presented to Larry R. Nittler. (Kurat, seconded McCoy: passed unanimously).
Fellows: The LMC proposed a slate of 10 candidates for Fellow, in accordance with the requirement that the number of fellows elected each even-numbered year be no more than 1% of the Society's membership rounded to the next highest integer. One of the candidates was found to be ineligible according to Article 10.3 of the Bylaws. The remaining candidates were unanimously approved.
Motion: The Council elects the following members as Fellows: Sachiko Amari, Jean-Louis Birck, Alex Deutsch, Bruce Fegley, Jitendra Goswami, Monica Grady, Yukio Ikeda, Sasha Krot, Jim Papike (Scott, seconded Davis; passed unanimously).

12. Report of the Barringer Medal Selection Committee
The Barringer Medal Selection Committee composed of Deutsch (chair), Ahrens, Horz, and Kring, proposed to the Council that the Barringer Medal for 2001 be awarded to Sasha Basilevsky. Their report (Appendix 9) had been circulated to Council members before the meeting.
Motion: The Council accepts the recommendation of the Barringer Medal Selection Committee that the 2001 Barringer Medal be presented to Alexander T. Basilevsky (Scott, seconded Davis: passed unanimously).

13. Transfer of Society Archives to Smithsonian Institution
Roy Clarke reported that nine boxes of Society records were moved from Tempe to the Smithsonian Institution in June (Appendix 10). Clarke hoped to organize the records before the transfer was completed. The Council approved the appointment of Tim McCoy as the Society's contact person to take responsibility for future transfers. Clarke and the SI Assistant Archivist, Tammy Peters, will adopt guidelines to help determine what materials are deposited in future. Clarke noted that 15% of the Tempe material was in the form of cancelled checks, check stubs and other financial records of no archival value.
Motion: the Council authorizes Roy Clarke to dispose of any material in the Archives that has no archival value to the Smithsonian Institution (Herzog, seconded Zanda: passed unanimously).

14. Other business
Scott noted that a Society Newsletter could be published on the website more frequently if someone would volunteer to act as Editor. At present the Newsletter is edited by the Secretary, put on the website by Paul Benoit, and mailed to members with MAPS in the fall of each year. Contributions for the next Newsletter were solicited.
There was no other business and the meeting closed at 5.30 p.m.

Ed Scott
10 September 2000 MetSoc minutes 00/2 2