Minutes of Meteoritical Society Council Meeting
Held March 11, 2001 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute
(Minutes taken by G. R. Huss in the absence of Ed Scott)

Present: Gero Kurat, President; Tim Swindle, Treasurer; Mike Drake, Past President; Gary Huss, Vice President; Councilors: Adrian Brearley, Pat Cassen, Christian Koeberl, Tim McCoy, Marc Norman, Uwe Reimold, Sara Russell, Mini Wadhwa.
Guests: Derek Sears, Editor, Meteoritics and Planetary Science; Frank Podosek, Editor, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta; Guy Consolmagno, 2001 Meteoritical Society Meeting organizer; Claudio Casacci, Guest of Dr. Consolmagno; Tammy Dickinson; Bill Welbon. Dan Britt and Paul Warren attended part of the meeting.
Ed Scott, Secretary, was absent because of delays at Honolulu and Dallas airports.

1. Introductions
The meeting was called to order at 2:02 pm by President Kurat who welcomed the Council members and guests to the meeting. He reported that Ed Scott was delayed in the Dallas airport. Everyone then introduced themselves. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting was postponed.

2. GCA Editor's Report
Frank Podosek presented a brief report, a full report will be given at the Rome meeting. GCA is in good shape, the papers are high quality, and people are getting used to electronic submission and review. Podosek will present a full report on the Lasaga business in September.

3. Nomination Committee for the 2003-2004 Council
President Kurat reported that his proposed committee would be presented after further discussions at LPSC with Greg Herzog, the proposed chair.
[On March 21-28, the Council approved by email Kurat's proposed members: Gregory Herzog (chair), Donald Bogard, Mitsuru Ebihara, Katharina Lodders, Francois Robert, Rainer Wieler, and Dorothy Woolum. Seven members were appointed rather than the six required by the rules because in previous years members of the nomination committee have been nominated by other Society members to council positions and have had to step down from the Committee.]

4. Treasurer's Report
Tim Swindle presented the Treasurer's Report (Appendix 1). Membership renewals are ahead of last year after a small decrease last year. The transition of the Treasurer's office from Rutgers to University of Arizona is almost complete and the New Jersey accounts will soon be closed. Mike Lipschutz is stepping down as financial officer for MAPS. [Gero Kurat has appointed Klaus Keil to replace Lipschutz on the Investments Committee.]
The total value of the endowment is down due to the poor performance of the stock market. A major change is that the stock in Northern State Power, which was a major portion of the Nier fund, was sold and re-invested in other securities.
Members contributed $1103 for the Gift Subscriptions fund to place MAPS in libraries of former Soviet Bloc nations, in addition to funds offered by the Barringer Crater Company and Gerry Wasserburg (see below).
The Council voted by email before the meeting to allocate $11K to enable Jeff Grossman to complete the current issue of the Meteoritical Bulletin.
A number of other expenses do not currently appear as specific items in the budget, yet they are obligations of the society. They include money to operate the Treasurer's Office, credit card charges, etc. that total $10K-$15K per year. It was suggested that they should be budgeted specifically, so that they are not forgotten when the MAPS library subscriptions are set each year. The Chicago Annual Meeting made a $27K profit.
During the discussion, Swindle summarized the Society's income as follows: GCA royalties are ~$30K, memberships are ~$80K, library subscriptions and charges for MAPS are ~$107K.

5. MAPS Editor's report
Derek Sears presented his report as Editor of MAPS (Appendix 2). A three-page report was passed around. Five action items were listed for the Council.
a) Bookkeeping procedures (item 5). The meeting between Greg Herzog, Tim Swindle, and Derek Sears in Arkansas has led to a smooth transition of the Treasurer's office.
b) Gift subscriptions of MAPS (item 1). The Barringer Crater Company has generously agreed to fund half the cost of 10 gift subscriptions to libraries in CIS and ex-Warsaw pact countries if the Society and members funds the other half.

c) Annual Supplement/Abstract volume (item 2). The Supplement was created to avoid publishing abstracts in the Journal. This worked until January, when LPI said that they were no longer able to collate and format the abstracts at 2.2 abstracts per page as they have done in the past. Derek said that for this year he could format the Supplement in the same way as previous years by hiring a summer intern. The cost would be $3500 and would be paid by increasing the fee for the abstract volume from $35 to $45 per attendee.
The council discussed and rejected various options including single column abstracts using an LPI-prepared template, single page abstracts, and CD abstracts. Several members hoped that LPI would change its decision but their current staff is not large enough to continue this service to the Meteoritical Society. It was decided to retain the current format with abstract formatting done in Arkansas. The extra costs would be supported by an increase in the cost of the abstract volume from $35 to $45 per attendee.
Action: A committee was appointed to deal with the issue of abstracts in the MAPS Supplement and was asked to report back to the Council in September. Members: Gary Huss (chair), Tim McCoy, Christian Koeberl, Tammy Dickinson.
d) Advertising in MAPS (item 3). Sears reminded the Council that it had approved a one-year trial period to investigate accepting advertising in MAPS to offset costs. However, most of the year has gone by and more time is needed.
Motion. Tim Swindle moved to re-authorize the one-year trial period starting now. Adrian Brearley second. Unanimously approved.
e) Library rates for 2002 (item 4). Sears proposed to increase library rates 20% to $830/year for US libraries and $880 for overseas air delivery.
The Council discussed the likely impact on subscriptions and whether the journal would continue to expand. Sears predicted that there would not be cancellations and expected that growth would come from new areas such as astrophysics and asteroid science.
Motion: Tim Swindle moved to increase library rates to $830/$880 per year. Adrian Brearley second. 9 voted in favor, 2 opposed.

6. MAPS Donations to libraries
Uwe Reimold presented his report as chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on MAPS Donation Issues, which had been circulated before the council meeting (Appendix 3). Roughly $5000 is needed from the Society and members to support half the cost of the gift subscriptions with the Barringer Crater Company and Dr. Wasserburg donating the other half. We have ~$1100 in donations from other members, so this means the Society must provide about $4000.
The council discussed various ways of calculating the cost to the Society of the gift subscriptions: the library rate or the total cost for producing and printing the journal divided by the amount of money taken in. In addition, questions were raised about how the gift subscriptions should be included in the MAPS finances. The bottom line was finally established that the money for the gift subscriptions effectively comes out of the endowment and goes into the MAPS operating budget.
The committee recommended that the Council should pay the $4K to continue the gift subscriptions for another year.
Motion: A motion was made by Pat Cassen to approve the recommendation. Seconded by Sara Russell. 11 voted in favor, none opposed, 1 abstention.
The committee will continue to oversee library donations.

7. Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin.
Tim McCoy who chairs the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee summarized the reasons for Jeff Grossman's resignation as Editor of the Bulletin effective after publication of the next edition. Grossman will be sponsored by Society funds ($11K) to finish this issue and to help train a successor.
Tim reported that Monica Grady and Sara Russell of the British Museum have agreed to take over the Bulletin for a two-year trial period. Jutta Zipfel will continue to handle Saharan meteorites.
Motion: Gero Kurat nominated Monica Grady and Sara Russell as joint editors of the Meteoritical Bulletin for a two year trial period. Mike Drake moved to approve the nomination. Uwe Reimold second. The motion was unanimously and enthusiastically approved

. 8. Society Annual Meetings
Rome. Guy Consolmago presented a report and budget for the upcoming Rome meeting (Appendix 4). Attendance is projected at 425 with 325 professionals. The meeting is heavily subsidized by Alenia Spazio, which was represented at the Council Meeting by Claudio Casacci. Registration fee is estimated at 170 Euros for members, with guests paying 85 Euros. Members registering after August 1 will pay 220 Euros but will not receive a banquet ticket.
Motion: Mike Drake made a motion to approve the budget for the Rome meeting. Tim McCoy seconded. Unanimous approval.

Los Angeles (2002) Paul Warren reported that the Annual Meeting on July 21 to July 26 will be organized by a Committee composed of Paul Warren, John Wasson, Alan Rubin, Kevin McKeegan, and Frank Kyte. The meeting will be held at a new UCLA facility currently under construction called DeNeve Plaza, which consists of a central meeting hall and several surrounding buildings for lodging. Rooms are relatively small, but are very well appointed and should be quite comfortable. Rates for rooms will be $99.50 for single and $116 for double including breakfast, cf. Doubletree rates of $130-$140. Projected demand for rooms is 184 singles and 28 doubles. At a minimum, the Society is liable for the costs of 90% of these rooms 30 days prior to the meeting (Appendix 5).
Abstracts will be due April 12. Possible reception sites and banquet sites are being investigated, as are field trips and daily excursions. Projected registration fee is $250/person.

Poster Session guidelines. Paul Warren then briefly discussed poster session guidelines that had been requested by Clark Chapman and drafted by a committee of Chapman, Warren, and Scott (Appendix 6). The guidelines suggest the amount of time and space that should be allocated for posters.
Motion: Christian Koeberl moved to recommend the poster guidelines to meeting organizers (they are not mandatory). Adrian Brearley second. Approval was unanimous.

9. Best student paper award
Dan Britt reported that 11 papers had been nominated for the award (Appendix 7), which is sponsored jointly by the Meteoritical Society and the GSA. The Committee of Dan Britt, Marilyn Lindstrom, Malcom Rutherford, Elmar Jessberger, Iain Gilmour and Jim Zimbelman had narrowed this list to four names. The award will be $500.

10. Elegibility rules for Barringer Medal
Gero Kurat opened the question of eligibility rules for the Barringer medal (Appendix 8) and suggested that that there was not a real conflict of interest in having a Council member receive the award as the Council only accepts or rejects the Committee's choice of medallist. However, others disagreed and noted that it gives people an incentive to leave the Council.
Motion was made by Mike Drake to retain the rule that no member of the Council is eligible for a Society award while a member of the Council. Mini Wadhwa seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

11. Election Bylaw and Nominating Committee rules
As Ed Scott was absent, the council postponed discussion of this item until the next meeting.
[Ed Scott reported by email on March 20 that members of the Meteoritical Society voted nearly unanimously to approve the amendments to articles 1.2, 3.3, and 5.2 of the Constitution. Sixteen voted in favor and one against.]

Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 pm.

1. Treasurer's report.
2. MAPS Editor's report.
3. MAPS Donations to libraries (Reimold Committee).
4. UCLA contract for 2002 meeting.
5. Guidelines for poster sessions for meeting organizers.
6. Nominations for Best Student Paper for 2000.
7. Eligibility for Barringer Medal.