Nomenclature Committee

The Meteorite Nomenclature Committee (NomCom) is responsible for establishing guidelines for the naming of meteorites, for the approval of new names, for decisions regarding pairing or separation of meteorites previously named, and for dissemination of this information in the Meteoritical Bulletin and the Meteoritical Bulletin Database.  The full charter of the NomCom is described in Article 12 of the Bylaws of the Society's Constitution.  Members of NomCom consist of twelve society members plus the Vice President of the Society, the Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin, and the Editor of the Meteoritical Bulletin Database. The current membership of the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee can be found by clicking here.

The Nomenclature Committee establishes meteorite names according the Guidelines for Meteorite Nomenclature.

The Nomenclature Committee operates under Rules of Procedure last revised March 15, 2015 at the meeting of the Council held in the Woodlands, Texas.