Gifts and Grants


The stated mission of the Meteoritical Society is “to promote research and education in planetary science with emphasis on studies of meteorites and other extraterrestrial materials that further our understanding of the origin and history of the solar system.” Besides the Society’s publications, the annual scientific meetings, establishing official names for newly found meteorites, and the awards sponsored by the Society, there are other ways by which we work toward furthering our mission. This includes supporting student travel to conferences and workshops, supporting student research, assisting scientists from economically disadvantaged countries, supporting classes or field schools, especially those that bring meteoritics and planetary science to developing countries, compiling oral histories from prominent members of the Society, and supporting outreach to the broader public community on meteoritics and planetary science. 

To support these activities, the Society has created an Endowment Fund.  The majority of the Endowment consists of the General Fund which can support one-time activities that are not part of the normal Society business. The Endowment Fund also has named funds, the Nier Fund, the McKay Fund, and the TIM Fund, which were established for the specific purposes described in the following section. Details about activities supported by all of these Funds are given under: Activities Supported.

For those who wish to assist in this mission, donations can be made to the General Fund or to any of the specific Funds (see Ways to Contribute).