Gifts and Grants

Endowment Funds

The Meteoritical Society's purpose is 'to promote the study of extraterrestrial materials.' Besides the publications, the annual scientific meetings, and the awards sponsored by the Society, there are other ways to further that goal. The Meteoritical Society has built an Endowment Fund, with the purpose of supporting one-time activities that do not fall in any of those categories. These have included work on preserving the history of the advance of the study of extraterrestrial materials and a variety of outreach activities of various kinds. A basic introduction to the Endowment, and information on how to contribute, is given here. A list of guidelines for requesting funds from the Endowment for outreach activities is also available. Any other ideas that members have for ways to use the Endowment to further the primary purpose of the Meteoritical Society will be considered.

Development of new Society activities such as encouraging a new generation of scientists through student travel and research support, assisting scientists from economically disadvantaged countries, and promoting excellence in the Society's endeavors, demand more funds than are available from member dues. To address these needs, the Council has authorized the creation of the Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund, a permanent fund which will use individual bequests for the good of the Society. All donations will be recognized in the annual newsletter and acknowledged for tax purposes. The Meteoritical Society Investment Committee will manage these funds, and only the return generated will be used to support activities as approved by the council.

We solicit your support of this campaign and hope that you will consider one or more of the following ways of contributing to the Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund:

Cash Contributions
Direct contributions may be made by sending a check (made out to 'The Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund') to the Society Treasurer, or by including a donation with your dues statement.

Some companies provide matching funds for donations made by their employees to non-profit organizations. This is an excellent way to leverage your gift. It is usually the responsibility of the donor to provide documentation of the contribution to the company.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock or Property
In some countries, stocks or properties that have increased in value since their purchase can be donated, without incurring taxes on the appreciated value. Liquidation of the assets in order to make a cash contribution may decrease the amount of the gift and the potential tax deduction. The Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund can accept transfer of ownership of appreciated stock or property, sent directly to the Society Treasurer.

A thoughtful and fitting way to acknowledge the passing of a member or friend of the Society, as well as a non-affiliated colleague or family member, is through a gift in his or her honor. All memorial gifts will be acknowledged to the family of the deceased, as well as to the donor. Memorials should be sent to the Treasurer, along with a note specifying whom the gift honors and names and addresses of those to whom acknowledgement should be made.

You may specify in your will that the Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund receive a portion of your estate. The Fund can also be named as the beneficiary of a paid-up life insurance policy, or a policy for which you will continue to make the premium payments. If you include the Meteoritical Society in your estate plans, please provide documentation of that fact to the Treasurer.

The Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund will provide for an economically secure and vital future for the Society that many of us hold above all others. Questions may be addressed to the current President or Treasurer. Please consider supporting this campaign!

Tax information: The Meteoritical Society is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (tax number 94-6126359) operating from the Society Treasurer's Office. A copy of the Society's IRS certification of tax exemption can be obtained from the Treasurer.