Books by Society Members

Many members of the Meteoritical Society have published technical and popular books on planetary science. A list of books by members of the Society is in preparation.


"Impact Cratering: Processes and Products",
published by Wiley-Blackwell (available January 2013)


Edited by

 G. R. Osinski, E. Pierazzo

This book is dedicated to Betty Pierazzo who
sadly passed away before this project was completed. 

This book comprises 20 peer-reviewed chapters covering broad aspects of
the impact cratering process. It introduces readers to the threat and
nature of impactors, the impact cratering process, the products, and
the effects - both destructive and beneficial. A series of chapters on
the various techniques used to study impact craters provide a
foundation for anyone studying impacts.

In addition to the book - available in both print and ebook form
- all figures from the book are available as powerpoint files from a
companion website, providing a valuable teaching resource.,descCd-tableOfContents.html

This book can be purchased at a 25% discount through the Wiley-Blackwell program for members