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The 2018 J. Lawrence Smith Medal

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The 2018 J. Lawrence Smith Medal awarded to Kevin McKeegan

The 2018 J. Lawrence Smith Medal of the National Academy of Sciences was awarded to Kevin D. McKeegan (University of California, Los Angeles). "The medal is awarded every three years for investigations of meteoric bodies and includes a $50,000 prize. The award was established as a gift from Sarah Julia Smith in memory of her husband and has been presented since 1888." Kevin received the 2018 medal for "For contributions to understanding of the processes and chronology of the early solar system as recorded by primitive meteorites, for innovation in analytical instrumentation, and for showing that the oxygen isotopic compositions of the Earth and rocky planets and meteorites are distinctly different from that of the Sun."  Past recipients of the medal include Hiroko Nagahara (2015), Hap McSween (2012), Bob Clayton (2009), Klaus Keil (2006) and John Wasson (2003).

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