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2015 McKay and Wiley Award Recipients

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The Gordon A. McKay Award

The McKay award honors the memory of Gordon A. McKay. The award is given each year to the student who gives the best oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Society. This year’s award is given to Carolyn A. Crow (University of California, Los Angeles) for her presentation “U-Xe degassing ages of terrestrial and lunar impact zircons”.

The Wiley Award

Wiley Award recipients (from left) Lucy Forman, Michelle S. Thompson, My Riebe, and Levke Kööp

Sponsored by the publisher of Meteoritics and Planetary Science, four Wiley Awards are given each year for outstanding oral presentations by students at the annual meeting. This year’s awardees are Lucy V. Forman (Curtin University) for the presentation “Recovering the primordial impact history of chondrites in unprecedented detail using massive EBSD datasets”, Michelle S. Thompson (University of Arizona) for the presentation “Simulation of micrometeorite impacts through in situ dynamic heating of lunar soils”, My Riebe (ETH, Zürich) for the presentation “A regolith origin of “pre-irradiation” of Murchison chondrules” and Levke Kööp (University of Chicago) for the presentation “26Al depletions in anomalous and solar PLAC-like CAIs suggest high degrees of processing in the early solar nebula”.