Legacy Program

Legacy Program of the Meteoritical Society

    The Meteoritical Society has developed an initiative in which our members can make lasting contributions to our society through bequests and other gifts, called the Legacy Program. These bequests and gifts will support the various activities of The Meteoritical Society for the future, thus leaving a personal legacy for each contributor.  Such activities might be support of students, colleagues from developing countries, new publications, outreach to the public, or other activities related to the Society's mission.With such legacy support we will be able to ensure that the Meteoritical Society can continue to carry out its important activities We envision a fund that eventually provides the Society enough financial support so that yearly dues continue to be modest, especially for our student members. 

    The Legacy Program is open to all our members and supporters. Commitments to the Legacy Program can be made at any age and in ways that fit personal circumstances.  Members and supporters of all ages and all financial means are encouraged to commit to the program knowing that their contribution will come at a much later time and will not have a major impact on their finances in the immediate future.

A Legacy gift can suit your personal circumstances. Options include:
  • A simple bequest in a will
  • An outright gift using appreciated assets or cash.
    Commitments are made to the Legacy Program through a formal personal agreement with the Meteoritical Society.  Such commitments will be held by the Society Secretary in confidence and will be executed at the time designated by the contributor.  The funds obtained through the Legacy Program will be placed in our endowment fund, which is managed in a conservative manner through diversified investments and overseen by the society’s Endowment Committee.  To ensure that the funds from the Legacy Program will continue to be available to support society activities for the foreseeable future, the amount spent each year from the endowment fund will not exceed a small percentage of the fund's value. (Further details on the operation of the endowment fund and allocation of funds can be obtained through the treasurer of the Society) Named funds within the endowment can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000.

    The Legacy Program was initiated at the 75th Annual Meeting in Cairns, Australia, 2012. We are pleased to announce that several members have already committed to participate in the Legacy Program.  The Meteoritical Society will recognize donors to the Legacy Program in various ways, for example, by invitation to a Legacy Reception or breakfast during the annual meeting and by recognition on the Society web page and in newsletters (with donor agreement).The officers and members of the Legacy and Endowment Committees have started discussing with our members and supporters their potential commitment to the program.
Members should contact the treasurer for specific information.  A brochure with further information will be available soon.